Sweltering or freezing temperatures can make your car very uncomfortable if your heating or cooling system is not working right. With proper maintenance of your vehicle’s compressor, condenser and evaporator systems, Bulldog Automotive can help keep you comfortable in your vehicle.

  • Air Conditioning

    Bulldog Automotive may need to see your air conditioning system if the air blows through the vent only slightly cooler than the air outside, if you smell damp or musty scents, if you have low airflow or if your A/C only works when your car is driving and not when idling.

    When evaluating your A/C system, Bulldog Automotive will:

    • examine internal controls and blower
    • check radiator coolant, hoses, and operating temperature
    • inspect the compressor belt
    • inspect system for leaks
    • measure interior vent air temperature
    • conduct a cooling system pressure check
  • Heating

    Central Illinois temperatures can become bitterly cold. Let Bulldog Automotive take car of your vehicle’s heating system so that you and your loved ones stay warm

    We will check for:

    • Vacuum leaks
    • Fan and motor issues
    • Leaky Radiator Hose
    • Water Pump Problems
    • Thermostat Stuck
    • Heater Valve Issues